Panel: technology, tool for women’s empowerment

We’ve accomplish one month of the project. Wowwww !!!

We have seen the hardware, learn about some key women in computer history, we’ve learned about free software, about the desktop, the keyboard, and the basics to Libre Office. So far so good.

Starting to learn something is exciting, but it’s also good to take a break and get other inputs.

As we said from the beginning, we want the women to profit from the project as much as possible.

For this reason we thought that we wanted to extend what was learned in the workshops and create other spaces where the women could get inspired by other women who are working with technology, on empowerment and who somehow have succeeded in accomplishing their dreams and want to share their experience with others.

The project is divided in several content blocks, each one taking around 4 weeks, so we decided that between blocks we would organize a panel discussion where the women would have access to some of the inspiring women in their environment.

For the first panel Kine Diop was invited. She has founded a very prosperous e-commerce shop called E TONTINE. E TONTINE (the online tontine), consists in setting up a modern savings system like the tontines of our mothers in Senegal, which we consider as a cultural heritage beyond its economic aspect. If in Italy the tontine is defined as a convention concluded between several people who buy the same good, movable or immovable in common, in Senegal they have always had a meaning, a very symbolic way of organization and functioning (the mbotaays).

She told the process of getting started, the difficulties, the failures and the will to make her dream happen until she suceeded. After her exposition, we had prepared some snacks to encourage exchange in a more informal way.