COVID19 awareness rising

COVID19 has changed everything, daily life now means « stay home », « wear your mask », « wash your hands » « keep social distance », even if all day long we are hearing about the recommendations in the main stream media, the information does not necesarily get through to the population.

The fact that the virus cannot be seen makes people skeptical about its existence, and its seriousness so to make sure that the reasons to respect the recommendation are understood, we decided to give out some gels and do a couple of caravanes through the neighborhood.

That meant going to the busiest places and giving the gels and for the caravan to ask for the pick-up, to get a sound system and some women to do the moderation. Once everything was organised, there we went, a two hours tour around the whole neighborhood to make people aware of the need to respect preventive measures as a way to care for oneself and for the others, it’s just together that we can fight the pandemie.