Writing a business plan

After a couple of months staying home due to COVID19 menace, the state of emergency came to an end and we decided also to try to continue with the course in the center. The online try was getting difficult and the need to discuss things face to face was a need.

On June 18th we continued, and of course we had to revise most of the concept learnt, some were still there other had been forgotten, so we went all over what we had done.

Since we had split the group in two, to keep social distancing, that meant each group would only meet once a week. For this reason we decided that women could take the computers from the center to their house, we would give them homework so this way they would be able to practice on their own and reinforce their knowledge.

One of the things that blocked the group was the simplified business plan, it’s a challenge to think in those terms, to write down a whole project but everybody was ready to accept the challenge, we could have dropped it, since was not the main goal of the course but since all the women wanted to be entrepreneurs we thought it would be good to have a taste of what it means, no easy job !!

So we went over what is the market, the concurrence, clients, providers … and from there on how to structure the business plan.