Ceremony for the awarding of certificates

On the 26th September we celebrated the closure ceremony of the project. After six months of hard work, the participants achieved their goal, they identified their business idea and wrote the corresponding simplified business plan and during the ceremony they did their presentation, projecting some slides.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Fédération Pencum Ndakaru for their support in providing the room where the training took place, to those who donated the computers thanks to which we were able to carry out the training, to those who contributed to the crowdfunding campaign in order to be able to start and to the NGOs Umverteilen and the Chaos Computer Club, whose funding made it possible to develop and complete the project.

During the ceremony we wanted to remember the work of Mère Kine Diop, a woman who fought all her life for the development of Dalifort and to improve the situation of women. She was the only midwife in the neighbourhood for many years, which is why the long-term project has been calles Kine Diop Free Technology Centre.

But above all we have to thank the participants for the success of the project, who have made an enormous effort to be able to attend, to work online, and who have worked hard and well and whose motivation has been the driving force behind the project.