Panel: Violence against women

After Ramadan, we organised the second panel, with the theme “Violence against women“.
We chose this topic after we realised that when choosing the topics for the podcast, some of the participants mentioned the topic of violence against women in a direct or indirect way.

Therefore, we felt it was necessary to open a space to reflect on violence against women, how to react, share experiences, etc.

We also had the perfect contact to do the panel, Fatou Warkha Sambe, founder of the platform Warkha Tv. She is an activist for women’s rights and the fight against violence, and reminds us that she fights out of “conviction but not convention”. Through her online TV channel, she leads the fight for the respect of women’s rights against violence.

This time two of the participants of the training were chosen to moderate the panel, Amina Diop and Alimatou Coudiabi.

During the panel, the different types of violence, physical, psychological and moral, were explained and it was emphasised that no woman should be exposed to or justify violence against her.