About Us

The association FOCUS, the association Dalifort Hip Hop and the rap group FUK N KUK give the framework to Weesuwul 2020 project.

FOCUS (Foyer des Cultures Urbaines au Service de yarakh) was created to enable Yaraksh artists active in the urban culture sector to develop artistically and promote their artistic products on an international national scale. FOCUS YARAKH has been recognized on several national professional platforms as an active structure in the field of urban culture and citizenship within the municipality of Hann Bel Air.

FUK N KUK is a Senegalese rap group composed of three artists: Pope Abdoulaye DIOP aka Pidinéf, Mansour MBALLO aka Free Loader and Ernest Bamaye MENDY aka Kab2seus.

FUK’N’KUK contributes significantly to building and promoting citizenship and social cohesion for a municipality that stands and walks. They use urban cultures as an alternative to school failure in a locality where the school drop-out rate is increasing.

DAF HIP HOP association is a cultural organization that was created in 2018. It is set up to put art and culture at the service of municipality’s development. It’s a nonpartisan organization, which aim is to contribute to improve the living conditions in the neighborhood and to show that artists are actors of change committed to their community.

It accompanies young people in their practice of urban cultures. It offers them a space for training and expression. It’s self-organized and self-financed. The motto is that each member should bring his or her skills and know-how, and its selfmanaged not waiting for external help.

Weesuwul 2020 project coordination and training team is composed of:

Emile Thiaw – is a social entrepreneur, he was born and raised in Dalifort.
He is interested in entrepreneurship and its correlation with his goals, he holds a degree in cultural entrepreneurship following a training in Entrepreneurship, Marketing of Arts and Cultures, Booking and Artistic Career Management at Africulturban within the framework of the FOCUS project [Forums des Cultures Urbaines du Sud]. Manager of the FUK N KUK group and General Secretary of the association We management.sn.

Carolina García Cataño – For over 20 years, she has been involved in free technologies, promoting the free software community in Spain. Founder of Dabne, a women’s cooperative based on free software technology. She has done project management, training, IT consulting and web development. During the years in Berlin she worked as a frontend developer and in the NGO Women in Exile, a self-organized group of refugee women, where she was responsible for online communication and fundraising. She has written several articles and contributed to several books providing her vision on the social impact of technology.

Marie Hélene Ndiaye – She is engaged in women’s groups and works on documenting and making visible African women’s contribution to peace, justice and dignity through activism, movement building and other forms of engagement, coordinator of the project Invisible Giants started by African Rising Network and committed to her municipality and its youth.