The realisation of the project was made possible thanks to many and varied supports. We would therefore like to express our gratitude to the people and institutions who believed in the project from the very beginning.

The project included the donation of computers by:

Akilino, Neus, Miriam, Elena, Rocio, Ro, Maria José, Álvaro, Juergen

Crowdfunding’s campaign was supported by:

Johannes, Patricia, Daniel, María, Marcos, MJ, Isabel, Miriam, Alvaro, Christian, Max, Blanca, Hendrik, Anja, Rodrigo, Rocio, Irene, Julia, Gregory, Diana, Elena, Valérie, M F, Marta, Jose Maria, Briseida

Chaos Computer Club is one of the most influential hacker organisations in Europe, which has taken over the cost of the Internet and some technical equipment.

A women’s working group of the Umverteilen Foundation, which funds micro-projects independent of any political party that aim to improve the social and economic life of women.